How to use this monitor:

1. Select the car you are interested in and go to the page with offers.

2. Check how many pages you have. To use the monitor, it has to be less than 10.

3. If there are too many pages, add additional filters and copy the whole URL.

Next, add your email and copied URL to the form below.Click”Dodaj do monitora” and wait.

Short terms and conditions:

1. Your email will be processed in a way described in the post explaining the architecture.

2. The service relies on, so it can break when the pages changes. In such case, you may have to wait for a fix.

3. Your email may be deleted for the database (the service will stop working) without prior notice

4. Budget for the whole solution for now is $5, so in case of huge demand there may be outages. I will inform in such cases.