12 is the new 10

Have you ever wondered what it is ’10’? You have 10 fingers, right? Well, the answer actually depends on the numeral system that you use. In duodecimal (or dozenal), for example, you in fact have ↊ fingers, in binary 1010, in octal 12 and in Quinary 20. The decimal system is so prevalent and everywhere that it is sometimes hard to escape its perspective. But what if it wasn’t the case?

Developing AI camera image recognition system in an hour

Cognitive Services from Microsoft offer pretrained networks that allow citizen developers to quickly develop e.g. image recognition algorithms. This short post is to show how it is done and how I have created a real-time people recognition system. The goal of this solution is to recognize people in our office and possibly inform our beloved founders of this. What I used was: a python script and a FullHD webcam + Cognitive Services Custom Vision API.

artykuł_10_person detector