12 is the new 10

Have you ever wondered what it is ’10’? You have 10 fingers, right? Well, the answer actually depends on the numeral system that you use. In duodecimal (or dozenal), for example, you in fact have ↊ fingers, in binary 1010, in octal 12 and in Quinary 20. The decimal system is so prevalent and everywhere that it is sometimes hard to escape its perspective. But what if it wasn’t the case?

More than half of your Internet traffic is ads and trackers [My Internet log analysis]

I sincerely hope this article will be an eye opener for you. Recently I have installed a Pi-Hole at home. To keep it short, this lets me see the home internet traffic live and, if needed, block unwanted requests. The list of ads and trackers has been taken from open source repos like this. Equipped with this combo, I have decided to turn off all of the privacy add-ons that I use and browse the polish internet just like a layman for 20 minutes. Websites I have visited include popular news portals, facebook etc.

Do we have high taxes in Poland?

Recently, a lot is heard about some additional fees that our government in Poland wants to introduce. This, combined with a discussion among my friends about, among others, income tax threshold, prompted me to check how high the tax burden for employees in Poland and Europe is. I have included everything in one Excel and I hope that you will help me improve it.
I have chosen arbitrarily a few countries from Europe: the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and the UK. These are the countries, to which many people migrate and often seen as countries with a higher standard of living, as compared to Poland.