Setting up Azure Key Vault

Key Vault is an Azure module, which lets you safely store your secrets/keys. This way your developers do not have to store credentials or connection strings in the code, but can simpy ask Key Vault to provide them. The application will be handed the password and will be able to log in without the developer even knowing it. Let us create a key vault!

Developing AI camera image recognition system in an hour

Cognitive Services from Microsoft offer pretrained networks that allow citizen developers to quickly develop e.g. image recognition algorithms. This short post is to show how it is done and how I have created a real-time people recognition system. The goal of this solution is to recognize people in our office and possibly inform our beloved founders of this. What I used was: a python script and a FullHD webcam + Cognitive Services Custom Vision API.

artykuł_10_person detector

Delete from FTP using Azure Data Factory

During development of an ETL process in Azure Data Factory, you may come across a need to delete the data from FTP. It may be neccessary e.g. when you want to make place for new incoming data or you don’t want your pipeline to pull the old data twice. The solution of the problem lays in a custom activity.