Cumulative total by product in DAX

This is a case that I have come across with one of my customers very recentely. I wanted to calculate sum of sales generated by first N products pareto style i.e. if first product’s sales is 200 and second’s 100, my calculation would show 200 for the first product and 300 for second. This allowed me to see that e.g. 90% of our total sales are generated by 7 products.

What you reveal to a website

It has been a while since my last post, but I come back with more privacy stuff! As some of you might know, many websites use something called Javascript to display to you their contents. Javascript is a programming language and in today’s scenario it will be run on a Client-side, which means that what you see below is JS code being run on your device. This opens up many possibilities and gives me access to a lot of information. This website has inspired me to work throught the code myself. Take a look at my results!

More than half of your Internet traffic is ads and trackers [My Internet log analysis]

I sincerely hope this article will be an eye opener for you. Recently I have installed a Pi-Hole at home. To keep it short, this lets me see the home internet traffic live and, if needed, block unwanted requests. The list of ads and trackers has been taken from open source repos like this. Equipped with this combo, I have decided to turn off all of the privacy add-ons that I use and browse the polish internet just like a layman for 20 minutes. Websites I have visited include popular news portals, facebook etc.

Setting up Azure Key Vault

Key Vault is an Azure module, which lets you safely store your secrets/keys. This way your developers do not have to store credentials or connection strings in the code, but can simpy ask Key Vault to provide them. The application will be handed the password and will be able to log in without the developer even knowing it. Let us create a key vault!

Developing AI camera image recognition system in an hour

Cognitive Services from Microsoft offer pretrained networks that allow citizen developers to quickly develop e.g. image recognition algorithms. This short post is to show how it is done and how I have created a real-time people recognition system. The goal of this solution is to recognize people in our office and possibly inform our beloved founders of this. What I used was: a python script and a FullHD webcam + Cognitive Services Custom Vision API.

artykuł_10_person detector